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Easy to use mobile phones by Zone V take all of your day to day functions such as phone, contacts, messages and makes them simple and easy with big text.

"It really does make smartphones much easier to use"

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"... simplify the smartphone and make it easy to read and simple to use ... but not at the expense of dumbing down the latest tech"


  • Simple Layout
  • Big Buttons
  • Clear Menus
  • Large Text


Our mobile phones have a simple and easy interface that is designed to make your most important phone features easy. It simplifies access to your favourite mobile phone apps, such as calls and texts, keeping you connected with friends and family.

It is perfect for those that are looking for something easier to use but still want the latest mobile phone hardware. Samsung devices have best in class cameras high quality speakers with loud volumes and the best in class battery life.

If you are looking for a mobile phone that is easy to use but want access to the latest apps try Samsung Galaxy with Zone V. It includes Facebook, WhatsApp and all of your favourite apps. They are great for the elderly or older people who want to stay connected or anyone who just wants something more straight-forward.

Easy to Use
Big Buttons

Big Buttons

Each app has big buttons that have a large selection area. They make it easy for you to make sure you have the right selection when navigating the features of your mobile phone. It includes vibration feedback as an extra level of reassurance when selecting items within the menus.

Clear Menus

Every menu appears in the form of an easy, simple list. They are also colour coded making it easy to navigate your core mobile phone mobile apps. These include:


• Notifications
• Phone
• Messaging
• Contacts
• Calendar
• Clock
• Settings
• Emergency Information

Large Text

Large Text

Our easy to use phones have some of latest in screen technology with clear, readable displays to make them easy to read. We enhance this further by using the specialist reading font Tiresias, where each letter has been designed to be as easy to read as possible. Combined with a large text throughout, it makes for best in class mobile phone reading experience.

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