Having Trouble Reading Your Smartphone Text? Here’s How Zone V Can Help…

Have you ever noticed that the more advanced technology gets, the more difficult it is to use? Manufacturers become so obsessed with packing in the latest features and innovative ideas into their gadgets, that they often forget about the actual users of those products. Let’s take smartphones for example. The latest models are sleek and stylish and have more computing power than many laptop computers, yet they still demand a lot of focus and interaction just to use them properly.

And to use today’s smart devices to their full potential, it almost seems like you need a degree in computer engineering. But the one thing that many smartphone users find the most annoying, the most difficult to use and challenging to overcome, is the size of the text on the screen. With all of that bright AMOLED screen space at their disposal, smartphone developers decided that smaller text would be better, even if it meant straining your eyes just to read it.

Smaller Text isn’t Always Better Text

Young or old, good eyesight or so-so eyesight, everyone, at times, will have a difficult time reading the text on their smartphones and this can prove more than just annoying. When driving, it is always best not to use your smartphone, but at times, we all check our devices to see who called or sent an SMS or to click “Skip” on our music app. With smaller text, this can be dangerous and could lead to an accident.

A Solution To Small Smartphone Text

So what are smartphone users to do when they are having trouble reading the text on their devices? You could go into “Settings” and look for the “Easy” setting but that doesn’t always guarantee that all on-screen text will be legible. And, it can disable some of your favourite features of your smartphone. For many, this is not a viable option.


The best solution for those who have difficulty reading their smartphone text is to let Zone V help. Zone V has created a user friendly smartphone software that gives you all of the features you love, as well as on-screen text that you can actually read!

Zone V offers both a Samsung smartphone with the Zone V software preloaded as well as the Zone V software that can be downloaded onto any Samsung smartphone, even the latest models. The Zone V software promises to “make text larger and clearer, menus easier and offers three colour schemes which are optimised for contrast and clarity.”‍


With this latest development in smartphone software technology, you will have no problem reading the text on your smartphone making using it safer, more accurate and more user friendly. To learn more about Zone V and their innovative new smartphone software, contact Zone V today!

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